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Oak Ridge Dental Arts at the 2017 Stanley Country Fest

The Oak Ridge Dental Arts Stanley team had a great time at the Stanley Country Fest! We are dedicated to being active in our community and enjoy every opportunity to go out and meet the local residents here in Stanley, North Carolina. The Stanley Country Fest is an annual event that we look forward to participating in each year. We had some rain this year, but that didn't keep the locals from coming out and having a great time with us! They especially loved the free ice cream!

This is the first year we had our mascot out to say hello to everyone, and the kids absolutely loved it! It isn't every day that you see a life-size tooth walking around town. We loved when children came up to our booth to tell us "there is a loose tooth walking around!". Our mascot enjoyed hearing all the childrens' loose tooth stories and how they couldn't wait for the tooth fairy to visit them!

Our team also brought out our "Put On Pink" campaign materials to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research. We are thankful for those who joined us in raising funds and put on pink to support breast cancer; and many of whom put on pink to honor their friends and family who have been directly affected by breast cancer. It was a great experience to partner with the members of the community for such an amazing cause.

We look forward to being out at the Stanley Country Fest next year for more fun!