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All About Dentures

Dentures sometimes get an undeserved bad rap but are a crucial tool for allowing those with missing teeth or gum tissue to live a normal life. Whether through injury, playing hockey or degenerative disorders and diseases, dentures fill the gap for millions of people worldwide. Full or partial are available depending on the number of teeth missing and are both custom made to fit each client’s mouth and teeth structure.

Dentures have been utilized by humanity as early as the 7th century BC by Etruscans in Northern Italy. This technology was soon after passed on to the Romans as their empire began to sprawl which spread denture use across much of Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. Ancient dentures were usually constructed with gold bands and animal or other human teeth. The more modern porcelain denture was pioneered by Pierre Fauchard in the early 18th century. This quickly evolved, as did dentistry, into the perfected system that we have available to us today. Thankfully the modern process is not usually accompanied with much pain at all, very much unlike the dentures of the past where people such as George Washington were forced to take opioid painkillers to deal with the pain his poorly crafted dental device caused him. Today’s dentures are easy to use and designed to be as comfortable as possible.

Modern dentures are carefully crafted in a dental laboratory using a combination of acrylics such as polymethylmethacrylate to create a comfortable and strong device. Commercially produced acrylic teeth are available in nearly any shape or size depending on the customer’s needs.

The process of receiving your own dentures begins with an initial dental impression using standard impression materials. Further refining and impressions are then taken to ensure the accuracy of the dentures are perfect. After testing the mold in the patient's mouth and adjusting so the denture can be made to the occlusion the denture is sent for processing where it’s created.

When you have an injury or degenerative mouth disorder and require something to complete your smile dentures will be a perfect fit. Carefully crafted after years of perfection and molded to the requirements of the individual, the modern denture is just another way that humanity has taken strides to fix any issue presented to us. Designed for comfort and being as close to undetectable as possible, dentures are a time proven technique for replacing missing teeth and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.