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Never Hide Your Smile Again! White Fillings Are The Answer

Female hiding her smile Are you embarrassed to smile because of bad teeth, cavities or fillings? Do you need dental work done but you don't want people to see your fillings? Restorative dental care should never make you embarrassed and we have solutions to give you a healthy and beautiful smile while being completely discrete. Aside from discrete treatments like Invisalign to align your teeth and give you a prettier smile, we use white tooth-colored fillings for our restorative services so that no one will ever know that you've had work done.

White Teeth Fillings Match The Exact Color Of Your Teeth
Our white dental fillings are made out of a resilient composite resin guaranteed to match the exact color of your teeth.

The Process Is Easy And Painless
Using blue light technology, the white filling’s resin is bonded to your teeth. This bond prevents cracks and fractures by supporting your tooth’s structure. Then our dentist shapes and polishes the filling so it will fit comfortably and feel normal when you talk and eat. Then to prevent staining, a clear plastic coating can be placed over the filling. After this painless application is finished, no one will notice your white tooth filling.

White Teeth Fillings Are Better For Your Teeth
Not only are white fillings more aesthetically pleasing but they are also better for your teeth. The bonding glue used in these white tooth fillings is good for tooth restoration because of its good adhesion and studies have found that older metal fillings can create oral health problems in the long run. Also, these fillings are tougher and longer-lasting, keeping your teeth healthier longer.

If you are interested in white tooth colored fillings or have questions, contact one of our offices today!