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How Can Parents Help Their Child's Toothache?
We're Observing TMJ Awareness Month
Happy Halloween From the Dentist!
TikTok Is Full of Dangerous Dental Advice
How We Breathe Can Affect Our Teeth
Chewing Ice Is Bad for Our Teeth
Oral Cancer Awareness Month Is Here!
What to Do for a Child's Toothache
What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?
Ever Wonder How Teeth Whitening Works?
Have a Dentist-Approved Halloween!
Improving Our Mood and Health With Smiles
Alternative Ways To Get Calcium In Your Diet
Fluoride and Cavity Prevention
5 Common Canker Sore Triggers To Avoid
Bad Breath: A Big Deal in Medieval England
Habits We Don't Realize Hurt Our Teeth
Tips for Parents With Teething Toddlers
The Perfect Time For Braces
Let's Raise Awareness of Oral Cancer
The Role of Saliva
What Are All Those X-Rays For?
Why Does Food Taste Funny After Brushing?
The First Woman to Earn a Dental Degree
Common Misconceptions About Gum Disease
Why Is My Mouth Dry?
How to Train a Flossing Pro
Your Next Dental Appointment
New Year's Resolutions for Your Dental Health
Don't Let a Toothache Ruin Your Day
What Causes Bleeding Gums?
Teaching Kids To Take Care Of Their Smiles
Have a Mouth-Healthy Halloween
Oral pH: The Chemistry of Healthy Mouths
When To See The Dentist
A Healthier Mouth = A Healthier Heart?
Sugar, Its Many Aliases, and Your Teeth
What Causes Stained Teeth?
Thumbsucking, Pacifiers, and Kids' Teeth
Learn The Benefits Of Dental Implants
Conquering Dental Anxiety
Snacking Tips To Keep Your Child's Smile Healthy
Get the Most out of Your Toothbrush
What Your Dentist Can Tell By Looking In Your Mouth
Staying Active Is Good for My Teeth?
Diet and Oral Health
Summer Orthodontic Special- Brace Yourself!
Straight Teeth for a Better Life
Ongoing Personal Coronavirus Precautions
Practice Updates Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Preparing Your Smile For The Big Day
Cold and Flu Season and Oral Health
Sleep Apnea And Dental Health
What Are Tongue Ties and Lip Ties?
Teaching Good Daily Flossing Habits
We Are Pleased To Announce The Opening Of Our Sherrills Ford Office
How Your Oral And Overall Health Are Linked
Stocking Stuffers For Healthy Teeth
Grinding Bruxism To A Halt
Teeth Are An Important Part Of Digestion
Flossing Is Essential To Your Oral Hygiene
Teeth, Gums, And Diabetes
Charcoal Toothpaste: Science Versus Fads
Love Pumpkin? Your Smile Does Too!
Some Of History's Fun And Bizarre Dental Stories
How To Prepare For A Dental Emergency
Dental Scaling And Root Planing: The Basics
Care After Wisdom Teeth Removal
What To Expect At Your Next Dental Checkup
After-School Snacks For Healthy Teeth
Supernumerary Teeth
Don't Let Dental Anxiety Keep You From A Healthy Smile
Why You Shouldn't Wait To Treat A Cavity
Swimmer's Ear? More Like Swimmer's Tooth!
Don't Take A Vacation From Oral Hygiene!
Repeat After Us: Teeth Are Not Tools
Plaque, Tartar, And Your Teeth
It's Time To Kick That Ice-Chewing Habit
Taking Care Of Your Pet's Teeth
Defeating Bad Breath
Why Are My Teeth So Sensitive?
A Closer Look At Our Teeth
What To Do When You Have A Toothache
An Intro To Veneers
Are Sports and Energy Drinks Damaging Your Teeth?
Straight Teeth: Not Just About Looks
The Effects Of Pregnancy On Oral Health
Root Canal Myths: Busted
Getting Your Child Ready For The Dentist
Relief For A Burned Mouth
Nitrous Oxide In Dentistry
The Top 3 Best Drinks For Your Teeth
New Year, New Resolutions!
The Top 3 Worst Drinks For Your Teeth
How Stress Can Affect Your Oral Health
Reasons To Be Thankful For The Dentist
Rescue Your Tooth With Root Canal Therapy
What To Look For In A Toothbrush
Making Halloween Healthy For Your Teeth
It's Time To Put On Pink For Breast Cancer!
Side-Effects: Medications And Oral Health
Top Causes Of Childhood Tooth Decay
Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth The Healthy Way
Why Are Dental Sealants Important?
Different Types Of Dentures
How A Nail Biting Habit Affects Teeth
Taking Care Of Your Toothbrush
Choosing The Right Dentist For You
The Negative Effects Of Mouth-Breathing
How To Brush Your Teeth The Right Way
Smile For Your Health!
See What Invisalign Can Do For Your Smile
Swimming and Oral Health
What To Do About White Spots
Vacation Tips To Keep Your Smile Healthy!
Fighting Back Against Oral Bacteria
Getting Your Smile Back With Dental Implants
Getting Wise About Wisdom Teeth
What Makes Our Smiles Unique
Night Guards For Teeth Grinding
Don't Forget To Clean That Tongue!
Is Your Child Teething?
10 Fun Dental Facts You Probably Didn't Know!
Fighting Back Against Oral Cancer
4 Ways Smiling Improves Our Health!
Smile-Friendly Breakfast Secrets
Social Media Helps Us All Smile
The Anatomy Of A Tooth
Seasonal Allergies? Take Care Of Your Smile
Give Your Kids a Jumpstart on Oral Health Care!
Congenitally Missing Teeth
Benefits of Straight Teeth
Send A Smile To Win A Prize!
The Story Of Your Toothbrush
Oral Health & Weight Loss Go Hand In Hand
Protect Your Teeth This Cold And Flu Season
Oak Ridge Dental Arts at the Stanley Christmas Parade 2017
Oak Ridge Dental Arts at the 2017 Belmont Christmas Parade
It's Time For Our Great Gift Giveaway!
Your Child's First Loose Tooth
How Diabetes Affects Oral Health
Managing That Halloween Sweet Tooth
DIY Teeth Whitening Trends: Fact Or Fiction?
Oak Ridge Dental Arts at the 2017 Stanley Country Fest
"Put On Pink" for Breast Cancer Awareness
The Bare Bones Of Gum Recession
The Coolest Teeth In The Animal Kingdom
Cooking For A Happy, Healthy Sweet Tooth
Dentures Then And Now
The Modern Uses of Dental Crowns
Invisalign: Creating Your Ideal Smile Without Embarrassing Yourself
All About Dentures
National Children's Dental Health Month
New Year's Resolutions to Make Your Smile Shine Bright!
Oak Ridge Dental Arts is a proud sponsor of the 2016 Belk Bowl
Never Hide Your Smile Again! White Fillings Are The Answer
Straighten Your Teeth Without Embarrassing Metal Braces!
Healthier Options For Trick-Or-Treaters
Dental Implants: A Solution To Tooth Loss
Your Bad Breath Might Be From A More Serious Dental Condition
3 General Health Concerns To Care For As You Age
7 Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Dentistry
3 Surprising Ways to Prevent Cavities
5 Simple Dental Care Tips To Keep Your Mouth Healthy