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Dental Crowns

Misaligned, discolored, and misshaped teeth can be fixed with the use of dental crowns. Also known as caps, dental crowns protect and cover damaged teeth, preserving functionality of broken or damaged teeth. Dental crowns can also be used for extra protection or support of a tooth, or to fix a tooth that has excessive decay, or replace a pre-existing broken or worn crown. Dental crowns are custom-designed casings for teeth with existing issues or problems. There are a variety of treatment options related to dental crowns that your dentist might utilize to help your teeth.

The Dental Crown Procedure

  1. X-rays are taken to examine the area around the tooth that requires a dental crown.
  2. A molded impression of the teeth is created and sent to the dental laboratory.
  3. A fitted temporary dental crown is added during the visit to temporarily protect your tooth while the final dental crown is being made in the dental laboratory.
  4. The correct sizing and color of the dental crown is determined to allow for the dental crown to seamlessly blend with the rest of your teeth.
  5. When the final crown is ready to be inserted, the tooth and gum tissue surrounding the crown are numbed through anesthesia.
  6. The tooth is filed down to the correct shape to ensure a good fit for the crown.
  7. The dental crown is seated on the tooth and then permanently cemented in place.

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